Schmidt/Scheidt Genealogy

                     The Family of Johan Georg Schmidt  b. Jan. 1, 1850

                and Margaret Elizabeth Geringer b. 1850

                     Parents of  Katherine Elizabeth, Christiana Margarita, Anna Margaret, Johan August, Katrina, Georg Christian and Johannes


                                  and The Family of Georg Peter Scheidt b. Oct 21, 1850 and Marie Margaretha Sinner b. abt 1877     

      Parents of  Maria Catherine, George Peter, Louise E., Susanna Katrina, and Marie Margaretha              

After my Dad's death we found papers in his things that we thought was in German. My brother, Paul took the paper to someone at the University of Wisconsin and they discovered it was in Russian. They found someone to translate and found that it was Grandpa Schmidt's papers from the Russian Army. He served from 1907 to 1910 as a telegraph operator. It is ironic as I was a Radioman (telegraph operator) in the US Navy. My brother Paul was in the Army Signal Corps and our cousin Don Urbytes was also in the Army Signal Corps. Both Don and his brother Dave were ham radio operators.

Being the oldest living Schmidt I feel it is my duty to compile all the information that is available on the Schmidt/Scheidt families to leave for our descendents.   

Johannes, Susanna and Louisa Schmidt came to United States through Portland, ME from Liverpool on March 13, 1911 

Johannes (John) Schmidt   b. March 2, 1885 Stahl am Tarlyk (Stepnoye), Samara, Russia  d. May 14, 1966  Saginaw, MI   Married  1903

Baptized Mar 10, 1885   Confirmed in Wolsaja Evangelical Lutheran Church Mar 28, 1900

    Father - Georg Schmidt     Mother - I have conflicting information on their mother's name. On my grandfather's death certificate it says Sophia Schmidt. In Anna Margaret's bible she has her mother's name as Margaret E. Schmidt and the information I got from AHSGR Fresno they say Cradle Geringer. (b.abt 1850,,,Russia)


Susanna Katrina Scheidt   b. Feb. 14, 1886 Stahl    d. Aug. 9,1937  Lived Near Chicago, Fresno, Ca, Saginaw, MI, Snover, MI

    Father - George P. Scheidt    Mother - Mary....?. Scheidt            

Grandpa's sisters : Anna Margaret Schmidt Krass b. June 15, 1878 Lived in St. Paul, MN & Belmond, IA

                             Katherine Elizabeth Schmidt Horg b. Oct. 1, 1871 Lived in Fresno, CA

Grandma's sisters - Louise Scheidt Egner Bailey – Lived in Lincoln, NE & Twentynine Palms, CA  

                                   Arrived USA Jan 14, 1907 with children Mollie, Anna and Emilie at Ellis Island

                              Marie Margaret Scheidt Fox  - Lived in Lincoln, NE


   Note: I have limited information on the web because of the possibility of identity theft.

The Family of Johan Georg & Margaret Elizabeth Geringer Schmidt.

    Name      Born       Died Arr. USA
1. Christina Margarita Schmidt b. May 20, 1871 Russia    
1. Johann August Schmidt b. Dec. 7, 1873    
1. Katrina Schmidt b. Aug 13, 1880    
1. Georg Christian Schmidt b. Sep 6, 1882    
1. Katherine Elizabeth Schmidt b. May 20, 1871 Russia d. Mar 6, 1948 Fresno 1901
   + Johann Georg Horg b. Oct 31, 1871 Russia d. Oct 20, 1947 Fresno 1901
     2. Heinrich Horg b.   1892 Russia d.  1966 1902
     2. August Horg b.   1899 d.  
     2. George Horg b.   1901 d.  1942  
     2. Anna Horg b.   1903 d.  2000  
     2. Peter Horg b.   1905 d.  1962  
     2. Marie Christian Horg b.   1907 d. Shortly after  
     2. Elizabeth Horg b.   1908 d.  1908  
     2. Conrad Horg b.   1909 d.  
     2. Ferdinand Horg b.   1912 d.  1947  
     2. David Horg b.   1916 d.  2001  
 1. Anna Margaret Schmidt b.  Jun 15, 1878 Russia d. 1940 1901
   + John Conrad Krass b.  Dec 21, 1876 Russia d. 1954 1901
     2. Georg Krass b.               d. 1908  
     2. Anna Krass b. d. 1908  
     2. Marie E. Krass b. d. 1908  
     2. Katherine Krass b.   1907 d. 1985  
     2. Marie Krass b.   1909 Kilmanagha, MI d.  
     2. Henry Krass b.   1913 MI d.  
     2. Solomon Krass b.   1915 d.  
     2. Jacob Krass b.   1922    
     2. Martha Krass b.   1922    
 1. Johannes (John) Schmidt b.  Mar 2, 1885 Russia d. May 14, 1966 Saginaw, MI 1911
   + Susanna Katrina Scheidt b.  Feb 14, 1886 Russia d. Aug 9, 1937 Snover, MI 1911
     2. Louise M. Schmidt b.   1906 Russia d. 1989  Saginaw, MI 1911
     2. Katherine Schmidt b.   1912 Fresno d.          Saginaw, MI  
     2. George Schmidt b.   1914 Fresno d. 1994  Marlette, MI  
     2. Henry Schmidt b.   1917 d. 1952  Roseville, MI  
     2. Esther Irene Schmidt b.   1922 Sandusky, MI d. 2004  Saginaw, MI  
     2. Ruth M. Schmidt b.   1926 Saginaw, MI d. 1996  


The Family of George P. And Mary (or Marie) Scheidt


1. Maria Catharine Scheidt b. Sep 15, 1879 Stahl, Russia Stayed in Russia  
1. Georg Peter Scheidt b. Jun 15, 1881 Stahl, Russia Stayed in Russia  

1. Louise E. Scheidt

b. Jul 25, 1884 Stahl, Russia

d. Oct 13, 1968 Los Angeles


   + David Peter Egner

b. Feb 27, 1874

d. Sep 15, 1943 Los Angeles


    +  Henry W. Bailey      

    2.  Amelia Egner

b.  Feb 20, 1900 Russia



    2.  Anna Louise Egner

b.  Nov 3, 1902 Russia



    2.  Emilia Egner

b.  Mar 9, 1904 Russia



    2.  Boy Egner

b.  1907 Premature



    2.  Martha Egner

b.  Aug 20, 1909



    2.  Marie Egner

b.  1909/10 Died soon after



    2.  Mary Margaretha Egner

b.  Apr 1, 1912



    2.  Ella Theodora Egner

b.  Dec 24, 1913 Lincoln, NE

d. Jun 10, 1972 Grants Pass, OR


    2.  George P. “Joe” Egner

b.  Apr 7, 1918 Lincoln, NE

d. Feb 20, 1979 Santa Barbara


 1. Susanna Katrina Scheidt

b. Feb 25, 1886 Russia



   + John Schmidt

b. Mar 2, 1985 Russia



    2.  Louise M. Schmidt

b. Dec 11, 1906 Russia

d. Sep 7, 1989 Saginaw, MI


    2.  Katherine Schmidt

b. Apr 21,  1912 Fresno

d.            Saginaw, MI


    2.  George Schmidt

b.  Oct 20, 1914 Fresno

d. Nov 28, 1994 Marlette, MI


    2.  Henry Schmidt

b.  Jun 17, 1917

d. Jul 8, 1952


    2.  Esther Irene Schmidt

b. Sep 25, 1922 Sandusky, MI



    2.  Ruth M. Schmidt

b.  Jul 1, 1926 Saginaw, MI

d. Mar 1996 Harrisburg, PA


 1. Marie Margaret Scheidt

b. Jul 7, 1890

d. Feb 5, 1953


   + Johann Konrad Schmahl b. Jan 2, 1891    

    + David Fox (Fuchs)

b. Jun 9, 1888

d. Jan 9, 1943


    2. Peter Schmall

b. Mar 10, 1913 St. Paul, MN

d. Dec 3, 1961


    2. David Fox

b. Oct 6,  1918

d. Aug 2, 1974


    2. Henry Fox

b. Sep 1,  1917

d. Aug 11, 1991


    2. Harry Fox

b. Nov 11,  1928 Mitchell, NE

d. Jan 20, 1995





                                  John (Johannes) and Susanna Katarina Scheidt Schmidt







                               Katherine Elizabeth Schmidt Horg and Johann Georg Horg







                           Conrad and Anna Schmidt Krass and Granddaughter Delores Kachel

                                              Anna is the sister of John Schmidt






                           Marie Scheidt Fox                                                                David Fox          

            Sister of Susanna Schmidt and Louise Egner Bailey




           This is a picture of my dad, George Schmidt and his aunt Louise Scheidt Egner Bailey of California.

              She arrived in Ellis Island US July 14, 1907 with the three oldest children.



Information on the ship S.S. Canada: (The ship that brought  Johannes, Susanna and Louisa Schmidt to U.S.)


S.S. Canada was built in 1896 , years of service 1896-1926, 514' x 58', twin screw, triple expansion engines, 15 knots, Built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, 200 1st class, 200 2nd class. After two Montreal voyages placed in the Boston trade. Canada was easily the finest vessel using the Massachusetts port. Best time 1896 Liverpool-Rimouski 6 days, 11 hours, 40 min....the first twin-screw steamship for the Canadian service. Maiden voyage Liverpool-Montreal, 1 Nov. 1896. Served as a troopship in Boer War, 1899-1902, and again in World War I, 1914-1918. Broken up in Italy 1926.

In a phone conversation with Janet Bender Cross she told me that her grandma, our aunt Louise, had told her that she remembered the voyage coming here. She remembered people dying and being buried at sea. She teased some little Jewish kids on the ship. She remembers being met by a relative with a team of horses and wagon and being wrapped in blankets to keep her warm. She remembers seeing her first orange and distinctly remembering the smell of that orange. In California they were migrant workers and lived in a tent and followed the crops. Both my dad and aunt Katherine were born in California.

Both grandpa and grandma's parents in Russia were carpenters and farmers. They built wagons, barrels and casks. They farmed and in the summer the adults would go to the farms which must have been quite a distance from their home as the grandparents took care of the children while the adults were away most of the summer. They all lived together in a large house in Stahl am Tarlyk, Stepnoye, Samara, Russia. They were fairly well off for the times and grandpa used his inheritance to come here.


            Our Family. Front - George & Ida Schmidt 50th wedding anniversary. The Schmidt kids, back Row, left to right, youngest to oldest, David Robert, Anthony (Tony) Charles, Rita Joan, Frederick John, Paul Roy & Richard George  (Taken in 1987)



                                      This picture believed to be Sophia/Margaret E. Schmidt.




                  Written on the back of this photo in old German was: "This is a photo to our dear mother"

                  Two Russian soldiers. The one on the left believed to be Johannes (John) Schmidt my grandfather. 

                  On the right is probably one of his brothers.



                                This is believed to be George P. Scheidt my grandmother's father.                   



                                                         Picture taken in Aug. 1937 .        

 Back, my mother Ida Schmidt, Louise Schmidt Jones, Henry Schmidt, John Schmidt, Esther Schmidt, Margaret Fox, Peter Schmahl 

  Sitting. Ruth Schmidt, Henry Fox, Catherine Urbytes, Vince Urbytes, Harry Fox,  Ruth Schmahl.




                   Grandpa John Schmidt, Paul and Me taken in April 1943. Paul would have been about 3 and I would have been about 4-1/2.



  Front - Janet Jones Hebert, my mother Ida Shaw Schmidt. Back - My dad, George Schmidt, aunt Ruth Shaw, uncle Henry Schmidt



                       My parents George and Ida Shaw Schmidt on their wedding day May 29, 1937.



                                            My grandfather, John Schmidt's green card.


The Village of Stahl am Tarlyk (Where they came from)

The following facts were taken from “der Stahler” newsletters. 

Stahl am Tarlyk was organized August 13, 1767 by 188 families. It is located on the east side “wiesenseite” (flat land) of the Volga River.

Stahl (German name) Stepnoje (Russian name) in the Novauzensk District, Samara Province of the Volga Republic.  New present Russian name - Ctenhoe


1767 – 188 Families

1912 - 4,095

1920 - 2,126

The First Statistical Report on the Volga Colonies

Dated February 14, 1769

Presented to Empress Catherine II by Count Orlov, the head of the council appointed to supervise the settlement of foreigners in Russia.

Number of families suited for agriculture.47

Number of families not suited.16


Population. Males 96, females 102, total 198

Horses 159, cows and calves 97.

Buildings constructed 62

Distance from Saratov in versts is 48.


The village to the north is Bangert and about 2 km south is Kukkus.

In the original group of settlers was Johannes Stahl who with his wife Awelge and children, Johannes, Marx, and Margaretha. They may have named the town after him. He was from the City of Westerstede, Holstein Germany and his occupation was a tailor. 


Germans followed this routine of naming patterns:

     First son after the paternal grandfather.

     Second son after the maternal grandfather.

     Third son after the father.

     Fourth son after the father’s eldest brother.


     First daughter after the maternal grandmother.

     Second daughter after the paternal grandmother.

     Third daughter after the mother.

     Fourth daughter after the mother’s eldest sister.


There were 525 houses in the village prior to the 1941 deportation.  


The following is a list of places people from Stahl am Tarlyk immigrated to:


Stahl am Tarlyk To Fresno CA Fresno County
Stahl am Tarlyk To Dolton IL Cook County
Stahl am Tarlyk To Riverdale IL Cook County
Stahl am Tarlyk To Lydiatt Manitoba Canada
Stahl am Tarlyk To Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Stahl am Tarlyk To Berrien Springs MI Berrien County
Stahl am Tarlyk To Flint MI  
Stahl am Tarlyk To Glencoe MI  
Stahl am Tarlyk To Reese MI  
Stahl am Tarlyk To Saginaw MI  
Stahl am Tarlyk To Lincoln NE  
Stahl am Tarlyk To Schilling  Siberia near Omsk

In 1960 the village had to be moved farther east, away from the Tarlyk River, as the Volga River was dammed up for a power plant and the water covered the old village. Not many houses were moved to the new location. Present day occupants relate that some of the houses were destroyed for firewood soon after occupation by Ukrainian and/or Russian people following the mass deportation of the Germans to Siberia in 1941.

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